Monday, October 12, 2009

Shameless Promotion- Band Photos

I'm doing a gig at the world famous Jazz Showcase in Chicago in mid-December.

It should be pretty cool. It's the band's first time in the place and we're gonna do an all-Coltrane (all the time) performance, including every selection from the great Love Supreme album.

No cover charge (try getting that from your doctor.)

Ooh and aah.

Just like any other company offering goods and services (are we still clinging to capitalism in the wake of nationalized banks and compassion for insurance companies' well being and proper place in society?), we need to promote the event in hopes of attaining fortune and glory and money for parking.

So we had a post card printed up with all of the info for the gig at the Jazz Showcase on Dec. 9 starting at 8pm. Maybe you are on our list to receive said postcard via U.S. Mail (another foolishly outdated institution.)

The card also has a band photo.

"So what?" you say?

Well, as any of you who have spent time in the trenches on the road know, EVERY band has to have a band photo. It's part of the package. So the group dons it's "look", whatever that is, which has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the band is any good (and usually they're not.)

For the rest of you, who have not seen the latest action shot of Dr. Love and the Milk Monkeys, there is a great website that I was turned on to by my friend, colleague, and bass player of BMR4, Chris Bernhardt, who incidentally will be performing on Dec. 9 at 8pm at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

The website is

Check it out. It is one of the funniest things I've seen online that wasn't dirty or banned in Southern states.

806 S. Plymouth Ct. in Chicago at 8pm on Dec. 9, by the way.

So it goes...

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