Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Senator for Suckers

Roland Burris.

The JUNIOR Senator from Illinois.

Some would suggest that, perhaps, he had a SENIOR moment.

Ha, Ha. Very funny. Look at Great Uncle Roland. Such a nice man. Such a shame.

After all of what has transpired in recent days, what is there to say, really?

Everything about his appointment smelled of corruption from the get go. We all knew it. He had that smarmy look on his face. That smirk. I thought he looked guilty of something. I'm not alone on that either, I'm sure.

Let's face it, any professional politician in her/his right mind would never have accepted a Blago appointment in the first place. They should have all gotten together, Burris included, and just said, "No."

For some reason, though, Illinois pols can't do it. Rising above self-interest must not be part of the job description or something. And, yes, I'm talking to you too, Todd Stroger.

I'm not sure about what can be done. I am sure of what should be done. But I don't believe anything will be done. Maybe he'll cave to the pressure and step down, but that's not likely. Sadly. A senate impeachment is not likely either, unless he can get nailed for perjury. But I'm not holding my breath. Maybe a censure, but so what. Big. Deal.

The people are suckers again.


So it goes...

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