Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waffles and Unemployment

So, I'm still unemployed. I wasn't expecting that to change in a day. You weren't either, I suppose. Since I was such a crabby little hot-diggity-dog yesterday, I thought I'd give you the other side of the spectrum.


Blueberry waffles, made from scratch, is what I had for brunch today. That's right, it's only Thursday, and I had brunch. And, yes, I DO have a waffle iron. How would you make them, otherwise? Sheesh.

So, blueberry waffles, bacon, squeezed grapefruit juice, coffee, the works. It was delicious. That goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyways.

So what does this have to do with unemployment? It's simple, really. All of a sudden, there's time. Time for things like making waffles in the middle of the day on a Thursday. Time for writing silly blog articles about the things that annoy and amuse me as a citizen of Chicago, and the world. Time for re-evaluation and re-invention and learning a new skill. Time in my practice studio, improving on a very well-known skill.

Time with my niece.

Unemployed is certainly not what you REALLY want to be. At least not for the long haul, anyways. But it's definitely not the worse thing that you could be, either. You'll get your check every couple of weeks. I will too (hopefully, anyways). And things will work themselves out, as they inevitably do. Eventually, I'll have my money maker shaking like it used to be.

So will you.

So it goes...


  1. Its all about the waffles baby.
    2 loced out G's going crazy.