Friday, March 6, 2009

200 Hookers

Tom Dart, Cook (Crook) County Sheriff, is going to sue Craigslist.

Better not cross the sheriff: "I am fed up. I am tired and this is going to stop," Dart said.

Just as an aside, Tom; you're not a patron of these arts, are you? It's a fair question. This is Illinois, after all.

Seems that prostitution, the world's oldest profession, by the way, is now public enemy numero uno in Cook County. Apparently, he didn't read the memo saying that the economy is in the tank despite Cook County having the highest sales taxes in the country, homes are being foreclosed on, and there is very little public support of County government these days.

Oh, and that it's impossible, don't you know, to eradicate prostitution.


My opinion as to whether or not prostitution is an acceptable profession is irrelevant. Same goes for yours. What is relevant is that there are way too many, and much more important issues for us to spend our (few) dollars on.

Like what?

Well, the infrastructure is crumbling. Public transportation is crumbling. Employment rolls are, uh, crumbling.

Schools and forest preserve land: crumbling.

Basically Cook County is crumbling. You don't need me telling you these things.

From today's Sun-Times: "Since January 2007, sheriff's police have arrested 200 people on prostitution charges," specific to Craigslist users. That seems like a very small amount of people to arrest in a 2 year span (that's right, two years). Is this where our tax money is going? Again, Cook County pays the highest sales tax rate in the entire country.

200 hookers on Craigslist? Over a 2 year period?

2 arrests per week?

Like our famous/dreaded "war on drugs," eliminating prostitution is a futile effort. Prohibition of anything generally doesn't work. We (meaning they, whoever they are) should know this by now. If adult services ads are removed from Craigslist, they'll just appear in another form somewhere else.


After all, it IS the world's oldest profession.

So it goes...


  1. I have been an escort for 9 years. Tom Dart's brother William has been hiring escorts for years! He would hire 3 per week and I have the credit card imprint slips to prove this! Why is he so out there to bust escorts all the time?
    My guess is that his brother got ripped-off by one or something and now his sherrif brother is out to get revenge on escorts.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

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