Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short Burst Series- Still, More Cameras?

I'm reading the paper, waiting for laundry to finish.

Present tense.

There is a little blurb about even more legislation involving cameras on the road. This time, Sen. Terry Link (D- Vernon Hills) has introduced a bill in Springfield that would ,"authorize cities within Cook County, the collar counties and two counties near St. Louis to erect speeding cameras, beginning next January."

You'd receive a possible $100 fine in the mail (but it would not, miraculously, count toward your 3 moving violation limitation).

The good Senator said the purpose of the bill was to, "Save Lives. Period. If you want to save lives, this is the way we've got to do it."

Uh, yeah. Right. Save lives. Got it.

So we're not talking about yet another friggin' revenue stream via the proverbial ankle hanging?

Uh, yeah. Right. Save lives. Got it.

The government will save my life, 'cause they're so effective with everything else that they do for my, alleged, benefit.


So it goes...

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  1. I know I feel so much safer now that they've put 3 of those god-for-saken things all around my area! All they do is distract me with all the flashing. Are distractions safer? Hmmm... I kind of think NO! We've also already had the priviledge of paying that $100 fine because John didn't stop for the whole 3 seconds at a red light before turning. I know the other non-existent drivers on the road that evening felt much safer because a camera was catching this. It's ridiculous and pisses me off!