Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cub Cackling

Well, we're going into week 7 of the seemingly longest spring training in the history of Major League baseball, and there is fresh snow on the ground. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry at this point.

More snow?

Not exactly inspiration for the follies of the boys of summer.

Nevertheless, the season starts in just a few more days, and everyone seems very giddy for the start of the real games. Rightly so. The WBC didn't exactly excite the fans, not in this country, anyways (kudos to Japan.) The U.S. team couldn't get all of the players it wanted for the showcase (Lee, Ramirez), and while respectable, the team's results were less than stellar. Whose idea was it to have this tournament during the U.S. spring training, anyways, Mr. Commish?

So now, with only a few days remaining, Fukodome needs to get on track, as does Ted Lilly (making his first start of the spring today.) As of this writing, a closer was not yet named, and there is still a reserve spot or 2 to fill. I'm, personally, in favor of So Taguchi making the team. He killed us when he was a Cardinal, so maybe the ex-factor will be in our favor, for a change. Plus, he is a defending world champion (albeit with another team, but so what.) He's also Japanese (WBC champs), which means he brings a high level of respect and professionalism to the game, as is customary of players from that island nation. There are some important decisions to be made for sure.

Big Z looks good (and big) and ready, so I'm cool with him right now. He's a stud, let's face it. Plus, he's going to be taking his U.S. citizenship test soon, which means that his mood is probably good (fat contract, citizenship, Chicago baseball god- not a bad life, eh, Carlos?.) We all know what kind of meltdowns can occur when Carlos is upset.

Despite everything, though, this is the Cubs, after all. The expectations certainly aren't, how shall I put it nicely, that high anymore.

Now if I could only decide to go out and shovel.

So it goes...

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