Friday, May 22, 2009

Semi- Live Blogging: On the Road w/ Mississippi Heat

The first leg of the tour was quite eventful and successful. Even if I DID have to sleep in another strange hotel.

J.M. Randall's is more of a sports bar than music venue, here in lovely (colonial) Williamsburg, VA. It's got several big screen t.v.'s, a pool table, and a full service menu. Perfect for a blues party, eh? I, for one, appreciate the fine art of watching a band and the Yankees at the same time.

Not really.

But, they had an actual sound system and an engineer, so the music club definitely trumped the restaurant aspect of it. It was a pretty healthy crowd, too(just about all the seats were full,) and they seemed to be into what was going on. Even a few dancers showed up. When you can pull that off on a Thursday night, you can do just about anything.

On a side note, the legendary linebacker, Lawrence Taylor (LT) was in the audience. Apparently he grew up just a few blocks from the club and his dad still lives there. He had a crew of people with him, and they stuck around for almost the entire 2 sets. Pretty cool.

Now it's on to Washington, D.C., where taxation without representation abounds. The name of the club is Madam's Organ (I like it.) Tonight is a 3- set hit, so it'll be long, but not daunting.

The drive is short, though.

So it goes...

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