Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Short Burst Series- Idol Insult to Injury

I wrote very briefly last week about American Idol, and the fact that it propels amateur (karaoke) singers into the stratosphere of the music biz, leaving the REAL musicians shaking their heads as we continue to scratch out a living.

Today, I read in some trashy magazine that Simon Cowell, the real star of the show, collects a cool $36 million per season. He also makes 10 million (British Pounds) as the emcee and chief jerk for "Britain's Got Talent".

He also has his own record company, Syco, which signs the shows' "artists" (how convenient.) That nets him another cool $12 million.

I knew American Idol was huge, but not like that. And he's just one of the judges. How much do the others, Randy and Paula and the other lady, get to find the winning "artist?"

I'm guessing it's more than "50 bucks and a chicken sandwich."

So it goes...

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