Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short Burst Series- The Children Are Our Future?

Life isn't always about fun and games and being on the road and playing all these gigs that I play.

OK, it is, but sometimes, there are other things that are equally as important.

In the continuing growth of the "Nanny States of America," it seems that we are allowing the yet-to-fear-us U.S. government to walk one step further into our homes (which we so desperately protected during a tiny argument with the Brits called the Revolutionary War back in the 18th century):

Drug testing for students engaged in extracurricular activities
, mostly aimed at the "student athlete" (whatever that means,) but extending to any student that does anything in addition to attending class (school dances are included.)

(Aren't we supposed to learn from the past?)

The government, of course, tries to justify these actions very simply: Addiction. Treatment.

Professional help.

The alleged problem and solution, wrapped up in a nice little package.

First off, this all sounds like a benefit to the insurance industry (the cynic in me always comes out first.) After all, someone has to get the contract to administer and obtain the results of this test (read: American Way.)

This is just another example of the growing FASCISM in the U.S. That's right, fascism. And we're afraid of European SOCIALIST ideals?

According to the web site, U.S. Supreme Court Center, "The U.S. Supreme Court (Veronica School District vs. Action ) 'caution[ed] against the assumption that suspicionless drug testing will readily pass muster in other contexts,' identifying as 'the most significant element'...the fact that the policy was implemented under the government's responsibilities as guardian and tutor of schoolchildren."

The government is the guardian and tutor of our kids? OUR (broken) government is gonna take responsibility for our kids? The same government that does not provide health care or substantial social services to those who truly NEED them? The same government that ok'd and encouraged the mass distribution and use of Ritalin to fix the dreaded ADD (read: boredom?)

The same government that can't educate our kids in the first place.

This is sick and disgusting, pure and simple. It's a(nother) heinous intrusion by the government in our personal lives. Maybe one day we'll be like China, and just limit everyone to one kid per family (to keep down the costs of drug testing, you know.)

At least a mandate like that would reduce the number of street musicians in the next generation.

So it goes...

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